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Dinner Boat on the Danube - Romantic Proposal - Perfect Night Out

Everyone needs a little pampering, romance and an out-of-the-ordinary activity every now and then! We take care of those days and evenings! Don't hesitate to invite your partner to a nice Danube Boat trip, where you can really relax, enjoy a glass of wine or a glass of champagne, while you toast and plan your future together. How relaxing does that sound? Our catered dinner programme is not only for those who have enjoyed the love of one another for many years, but can also be a great opportunity for those who are just forming a strong bond. Why not make this your first memory together? Why not 10-20 years from now, when you can tell your future children about the day you sailed the Danube together!

About our service

When you ask a woman what the most romantic experience of her life has been, most of them will tell you: dinner in a restaurant, romantic music in the background, a boat trip on a river, a walk in the evening with a glass of wine and a hand in hand. Our dinner cruise programme offers all this in one place for our visitors. 4-course dinner menu, pleasant welcome drinks and atmospheric night sightseeing in Budapest, cruising on the Danube.

Sometimes every couple deserves a day that is just about the two of them. A good programme of activities during the day will not only help you tune in to each other and create new experiences together, but will also help you to have a more relaxed romantic dinner in the evening. Join one of our daytime sightseeing tours!

A panoramic view of Budapest and the illuminated city. It's no coincidence that Budapest has been voted the most beautiful city in the world for the umpteenth time. And there's no more romantic place to view this unrivalled sight of sights bathed in night-time light than from a dinner boat on the Danube.

What could be more romantic than a dinner on a Danube boat? The evening city lights play in the water's reflection, and our ears are caressed by the gentle piano melodies. Our exclusive boat is the perfect venue for a proposal, engagement party, anniversary or even a first.

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Marietta & Sándor

2018. szeptember 1

For a long time I didn't know how to tell Marietta how much I love her! I knew she was a special girl and deserved a special place to propose. That's why I chose this dinner boat, because it has everything in one place; music, lights, romance and dinner all in one! She said yes, thank you to the organisers!

Károly & Sára

2016.április 20.

I knew exactly when I saw that I wanted him! It's a bit early, all my friends said so, but I knew I didn't. You can feel it, that's why I decided to ask him seriously on board a boat. After all, what is life if not floating on a river, why not start our journey together on a romantic boat! Let our whole life be like this!

Péter és Éva

2018. augusztus 7.

I never thought I would receive such a beautiful gift from him for our 10th anniversary. Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate our love on such an occasion. Thank you to the Budapest Boat Clubs for such a pleasant evening!

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What we offer our guests during our boat dinner programme, let the pictures speak for the words this time
Based on the feedback and the success of our proposals, we can confidently say that the quality of our service is unique on the Danube!

What could be more talkative than the look on the faces of the guests at our dinner cruise?

The photos taken during the programme show how much the location and the programme make a difference. Although many deny it: "Appearances, frills, exaggerations, pathos!" Do these words sound familiar? "- You shouldn't have, it's too much!" Only one thing matters and yes, let's give the way we pamper our beloved! Let us choose the most appropriate place to tell him how much we love him! We have given many couples a positive experience of a lifetime and captured one of the most beautiful nights of their lives on this boat.

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